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Site Transformation

Ideally landscape plans are developed in conjunction with proposed architectural plans. The design for this landscape was able to take form as architectural plans for the addition were nearing completion. Involvement at this early stage in the overall project presented an opportunity to integrate the building with the landscpae and, in so doing, take best advantage of a constrained urban lot.


Before image shows site prior to construction of planned house addition and removal of a poorly sited garage.
landscape plan
  By situating the new garage closer to the street we were able to develop distinct areas on its four sides; parking in front, an arrival/entry on the right (east) side, a private patio space to the rear of the garage and a lawn/play space on the left (west) side.    
  With the addition and new garage in place and walkways near completion the site begins to take on a new life.  
  A curvilinear brick walkways connect the areas of use in a smooth elegant fashion.  


stone patio

An irregular bluestone walkway and patio surrounded by native plants establish a private space for relaxation.

garden fence

A new fence and boarder plants contain a children's play area while, at the same time, offering some needed visual buffer to the street.

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