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Work In Progress

Sometimes projects are implemented in stages. The masterplan for this property in Wellesley, MA was completed along with a partial implementation. With the plantings becoming established the clients decided to move forward with the portion of the plan that addressed the actual outdoor living space. While the existing concrete walls and slate patio were not aesthetically appealing they did set the stage for the creation of spaces with dramatic views.
The original patio area was cramped and uninviting.
main deck from above
  The expanded outdoor living space provides increased flexibility, drama, and security. The deck feature is designed to fit seamlessly into the overall plan for the property.  
deck plan
  Deck plan with framing plan, elevations drawings, and details  
deck side view


The cable rail system allows for a strong visual connection between the deck and the greater landscape. Vertical lattice below adds a clean finished appearance and, at the same time, helps integrate the deck with the existing concrete walls, softening their impact. The spaces under the upper and lower decks serve as storage spaces accessed through 'invisible' doors incorporated into the lattice.  
deck approach

Plants and structures are blended to create an environment for the senses.

vdeck view through arbor

The landscape flows comfortably from one area into another.

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