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Design Correction

Some elements of the original design for this new property were rigid and ill-suited to the site or the clients specific needs. By eliminating certain features and introducing others the new plan achieved greater interest as well as a customized appearance.


  The formality imposed on the site was awkward and impractical.  


front entry

Perennial beds replaced lawn in certain key areas. A custom trellis and discrete path lighting introduced further detail that make arrival a more welcoming experience.
landscape plan
The new plan made simple yet dramatic adjustments to the original layout.

A major addition to the site was a custom Chippendale style fence positioned above an existing wall. The fence, along with custom granite posts at each end, further separated the public and private spaces while also introducing an elegant architectural feature into the landscape. The custom gate at center is blended into the design allowing the fence to read as a single, bold element. The asymmetrical planting beds add a dynamic and unifying element to a formerly stagnant layout.


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