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New house construction often leaves a landscape in dire need of aesthetic and functional upgrades. By making adjustment to the existing grade and introducing built elements and plants into the landscape the property took on a whole new look.

The landscape of this new house provided little in the way of interest or privacy.

deck area

A fieldstone wall brick path and a variety of plants from large trees down to perennials and ground covers help set the scene for this now private sitting area.
Stone posts and fence infill frame the property on two sides separating it from the road. Grades were adjusted at the rear of the property and a stone wall and brick path added to give the landscape greater structure and interest.
Soil and fieldstones were added creating a burm in order to soften the look of the awkward grading created during house construction. A variety of low maintenance plants add year round interest and screening. The burm also functions to separate the private area from the culdesac.
The introduction a formal entry walls with matching stone posts and fence infill gave the open corner lot greater definition and sense of place. The walls also provide shelter and a pleasing backdrop for perennials.
stone wall
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